Röwa box spring bed – comfortable. Adjustable. Modular.

The (R)*evolution of the box spring bed.

A long day followed by a night in a cozy and comfortable bed – a heavenly feeling. Box spring beds are increasingly popular, as they embody everything that is associated with cosiness and comfort.

Röwa offers you box spring bed with a special quality.
A bed that combines what appear to be contrasting features: the highest level of sleeping comfort and durable stability with a flexible, modular design. Enjoy noticeable advantages – for you and your sleep. *Innovation box spring – typically Röwa.

What is different?

In addition to the classic design of a box spring bed, the sprung base in Röwa beds is additionally supported by spring slats. Thanks to an individual adjustment of firmness, you can optimally adapt the settings to your body contour.

A harmonious combination of a high-quality Röwa box spring mattress and special, ergonomic Röwa box spring base provides a heavenly lying sensation and the absolute best sleeping comfort.

Modular design – easier to handle.

Individual components can be rearranged, converted or exchanged without any problems.
It is now also easier to clean and care for the Röwa box spring bed.
You can lift the individual layers to ensure absolute cleanliness.

Well ventilated – better bed climate.

When you move around in bed, a
"bellows effect" is created by the overlapping spring core elements. The air circulates in all directions, resulting in an optimum aeration and ventilation
between the individual layers.

Built higher – comfortably ergonomic.

In a Röwa box spring bed you are enthroned at a comfortable height while you sleep.
The extra height also makes it easier for you to get in and out of your Röwa box spring bed.

Perfectly combined – the right position for your back.

The right combination of point-elastic mattress support and
individual adjustment of firmness in the sprung base actively promotes ergonomic
positioning of the spinal column. This allows your Röwa box spring bed to optimally adjust
to your body.

Combine design with function.

Set a colorful accent or seamlessly coordinate
with the atmosphere of your room. The high-quality furniture fabric of
Röwa box spring beds is available in various colors.

Do you have high demands on comfort? Then select
the Röwa box spring bed from several comfort variants.