Röwa GENIO – combines design and ergonomics

The Genio principle – a careful dialogue

The classic Genio bed boasts an impressive functional design, and is also available in a number of design options. The highlight here is the sprung base: high-tech interwoven fabric that has been stretched across an aluminium frame using a patented process. The light and intelligent sprung base reacts like a sensor to body weight, shape and changes in position. The innovative fabric, created using a special stitching technique, reacts impressively to requirements, either providing additional support or yielding to form.   

Ergonomically individual – the Genio lumbar module

The Genio sprung base can be specifically adjusted to the requirements of the lumbar region around the lower spine. This integrated lumbar module can be adjusted horizontally or vertically, thus supporting the lower lumbar region. Relieving any back strain and helping you relax.

The Genio mattresses

Perfectly combined with the right mattress, the Genio is an innovative system that meets ergonomic requirements in an intelligent and highly effective way. Both mattress design and technology are adapted to the bed's simple, clean features. Available with washable or wool covers, they are kind to the skin while providing excellent sleep comfort. The mattress core, available in pocket spring core, cold foam or visco designs, is the perfect partner for the Genio sprung base, optimally adjusting to your body as you sleep.

The new fabric collection

Genio not only adapts to the human body but also caters for personal tastes. In fact, Genio can be individually tailored to your own life and home,
with a large choice of carefully selected furniture fabrics and the easy-to-remove slip covers.

Genio – Handmade in Germany.

Each and every Genio is manufactured as an individual piece in our factory in Southern Germany. A successful combination of hand-made and high-tech. The beds are joined, screwed together, clamped, threaded... In other words, subjected to around 50 work processes before being ready to ship. It may be a highly innovative product, yet it is the more traditional word "solid" that comes to mind when describing the Genio.